It is no secret that there is great disparity in the way in which roles within trial management are described by institutions across the UK, and the responsibilities which are held by those roles. This disparity can make it difficult to identify areas for development and progression. 

This resource has been developed in order to provide examples of job descriptions within the trial management profession, which have been anonymised for generalisability. We hope that by providing a range of job descriptions, our members will be able to identify areas for development to progress to the next level, or develop their skills within their current role. 

As there are different titles for roles within the trial management profession, the examples given below have been split according to operational responsibility:


Provides support to the person(s) responsible for the management of one or more trials

Example 1: Clinical Trials Assistant

Example 2: Trial Administration Officer

Example 3: Assistant Trial Manager

Example 4: Clinical Trial Assistant

Example 5: Assistant Trial Manager

Example 6: Senior Trials Assistant

Example 7: Clinical Trial Coordinator


Responsible for the day-to-day management of one or more trials. May be responsible for the line management of support roles

Example 8: Clinical Trial Manager

Example 9: Clinical Trial Manager

Example 10: Trial Manager

Example 11: Project Manager

Example 12: Clinical Trial Manager

Example 13: Clinical Trial Manager


Oversees activities on multiple trials, provides guidance and manages the staff who perform the day-to-day trial management

Example 14: Senior Trial Manager

Example 15: Senior Clinical Trials Manager

Example 16: Senior Trial Manager

Example 17: Senior Trial Manager

Thank you to those who provided example job descriptions for this collaborative resource. If you have any questions about this resource please email [email protected]

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