The UKTMN is a vibrant hub of UK Trial Managers working together, sharing knowledge and experience, towards the efficient delivery of clinical trials and well-designed studies. 

Since July 2018, the UKTMN has been hosted by the Nottingham Clinical Trials Unit, University of Nottingham and funded by the Nuffield Department of Population Health, University of Oxford.

Our Aims

The Network aims to facilitate the development of a well-trained, highly motivated, effective workforce of trial managers within the UK health care system who will make an important contribution to the efficient delivery of high quality clinical trials by:

  • Providing a forum which promotes best practice in effective management and delivery of clinical trials
  • Providing a focus for the professional competencies required to effectively manage a clinical trial and thereby developing a career pathway for trial managers
  • Promoting a shared understanding of the role and value of effective trial management within clinical research


The UK Trial Managers’ Network (UKTMN) was developed over 20 years ago (1998) in response to concerns expressed by publicly-funded trial managers, and others involved in clinical trials. It was apparent that many of the people responsible for the day to day management of publicly-funded clinical trials were not receiving the necessary training and support to allow them to effectively and efficiently deliver trials on time and within budget. The main funding bodies in the UK worked together to develop a programme of training for trial managers and a forum in which trial managers could receive relevant and timely support and share experience and expertise.

Over the past two decades conducting trials has become more complex. There has been a substantial increase in national and international regulations and guidelines which impact on clinical trials.  Many trials now attempt to answer additional scientific questions in addition to the primary one of treatment effectiveness. Trial managers have attempted to keep up with these changing, and often complex demands. The benefits of consolidating a body of knowledge and expertise not specifically covered in other disciplines became even more apparent. 

For an inexperienced trial manager the Network would provide both an information source for issues raised in the day-to-day running of a trial and a forum for exchange of knowledge. For new trial managers, the UKTMN provided a platform for training and networking. 

Many changes to the funding and management of the UKTMN have taken place since its inception in 1998, but our aim continues to remain the same. 

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