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June 2024

  The Guide to Efficient Trial Management

We're delighted to share an updated version of the UKTMN Guide to Efficient Trial Management, now available as edition 7a. 
The Guide, which describes the process of managing clinical trials and gives an overview of the trial management framework, was re-released last summer and has now been updated to include key information regarding sustainability in clinical trials.

You can read the full up to date guide here:

UKTMN needs YOU!

Several UKTMN activities and resources are built on members sharing their knowledge, and it often defines the content we provide. We are looking for volunteers to be involved in UKTMN activities, your experience and knowledge are a invaluable asset to your peers! 

There are several ways you can volunteer, such as present a webinar, provide a career case study or write a blog post, based on your working experience. 

Webinars and blog posts can be about your day-to-day role, a learning experience you've had or something you think other trial management professionals may find useful. Don't underestimate the knowledge you hold, UKTMN members have always reported how useful they find webinars and blogs for learning from others. Presenting to a national audience is also a great development opportunity for you too! Examples of previous UKTMN webinars can be found HERE. Blogs are an informal written article, which are a useful way to share information for people to read when they need it. We have shared several blogs on our website, and you can see examples HERE.

We started sharing career case studies last year, and some examples can be found HERE. The idea of this resource is to showcase the ways in which trial management professionals have developed their career, hopefully inspiring fellow UKTMN members. We are looking for UKTMN members to showcase their career pathway and build up this useful resource, no matter your experience or the pathway you may have taken to get to where you are. 

If you are interested in any of the opportunities to get involved, or want to know more, please email [email protected] 

Greener Trials: Drop in clinics

Following the keynote presentation at the UKTMN Annual Conference, please see below, on behalf of the Greener trials group, the available Carbon footprint drop in clinics: 

In 2023, the MRC-NIHR Trials Methodology Research Partnership (TMRP) convened the ‘Greener Trials’ group as a forum to share resources and facilitate consideration and uptake of more responsible research practice in clinical trials.

Following publication of an NIHR-funded method and guidance to calculate the carbon footprint of clinical trials and testing of the approach on 10 trials, the TMRP awarded funding to the development team to disseminate the method and train academic triallists in carbon footprinting via monthly drop-in clinics, recorded webinars and workshops.

You can read the full article, with clinic dates, here:

Upcoming UKTMN Webinars 

An introduction to radiotherapy trials

Presented by Sophia Magwaro  

10th July 11am-12pm

This session will introduce basic radiotherapy terminology, a range of common treatment techniques, quality assurance requirements and trial data collection. The presentation will also include a brief guidance on essential information that is required when seeking regulatory approval for radiotherapy trials

To register for the ' An introduction to Radiotherapy Trials', Please click here:

For recordings of previous UKTMN webinars, including the recent 'AI in trial management' and 'introduction to Protas' sessions, please see below. 

You can find access to all of our previous UKTMN Webinars via this link:

UKTMN Forum on Slack

The UKTMN encourages knowledge sharing, and one way to do this is via our MEMBER FORUM

The slack forum enables UKTMN members to ask and answer questions about all things trial management. If you're doing something for the first time, maybe someone has done it before and can help you find your way, or if you want ideas on how to do things better, post on the forum and see what advice you can get from your peers!

There have been several posts added in June, please do use the Slack forum to see if you can help answer any questions posted from your peers. 

Make sure when using the slack forum, that you enable notifications. This will help you to know when new posts are added or if someone has responded to you. Tips on how to do this can be found HERE

Strategies for trialists to promote equal participation in clinical trials

We have posted a new inclusivity in research resource on behalf of the 'Step up' team. The resource includes key recommendations for inclusive trials and additional resources about embedding inclusive practices into trial design and delivery.

Click here to read more:

Did you know...

We have added 2 trial management vacancies to our JOB PAGE

1 event to our CALENDAR OF EVENTS

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