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Professional Accreditation Scheme
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Professional Accreditation Scheme

The aim of PAS is to address the lack of recognition of trial management as a profession and to encourage career development and training opportunities for both novice and experienced trial managers.

The UKTMN Professional Accreditation Scheme (PAS) is a system for trial managers to register their expertise, manage their career development and be accredited through a peer-review process.  The scheme will be based on a compilation of recognised competency, skill and behavioural frameworks developed specifically for trial managers working in clinical trials. These frameworks can be linked to personal development and should help to identify training and experience necessary to progress individuals through novice, experienced and senior roles.


Why do trial managers need professional accreditation?

Accreditation and continuing professional development (CPD) is common, if not obligatory, within most professions. In the field of trial management it is becoming widely expected that trial managers keep a formal record of their professional skills and experience but there is no body empowered to accredit trial management as a profession.  Therefore, the UKTMN is providing this unique system of peer-reviewed accreditation with the aim of it becoming the nationally recognised standard. The benefit to trial managers, CTU employers and sponsors will be the knowledge that there is a consistent way of evaluating the competencies and behaviours required to manage a clinical trial effectively.


It is planned to launch the Professional Accreditation Scheme in 2016. Watch this space.

Last Reviewed: April 2016