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Become a Member of UKTMN

The Network provides members access to a powerful knowledge base and the opportunity to develop expertise, solve problems, share experiences and exchange ideas with a network of trial managers, around the UK.

The Network has a specific remit to support trial managers working in academic-led, non-commercial trials. However, we seek to be an inclusive organisation and therefore do not exclude ‘trial managers’ working on collaborative academic/ industry trials. Each application for membership will be reviewed according to membership criteria.


Definition of Network Member

The UKTMN defines a 'trial manager' as the person who has day-to-day responsibility for the management of operational aspects of a clinical trial or other high quality, large scale study. Core tasks that may be the responsibilities of trial managers are listed below, but we recognise that not all trial managers will necessarily do all of these.

  • Contribute to the development of the trial/study protocol
  • Obtain and maintain relevant trial/study approvals (e.g. ethics, regulatory)
  • Support and train trial/study staff at CTUs and external sites
  • Manage essential trial/study documents and amendments (version control, TMF)
  • Develop, maintain and ensure compliance with trial/study procedures
  • Contribute to trial/study data management and quality assurance activities
  • Monitor and manage trial/study recruitment and retention
  • Monitor trial/study budget
  • Provide regular updates for all stakeholders
  • Contribute to trial/study dissemination activities

In order to be approved as be a member of the UKTMN, there is a minimum criteria we use to assess an application. Each application is reviewed on an individual basis, but each member should:

- be based in the UK

- be working in a role deemed appropriate to trial management

- carry out a minimum of 5 core tasks as listed above

As of the 1st September 2018, there will no longer be a tiered membership system in place. All members who meet the criteria listed above will qualify as a member, and no fee will be incurred for membership. Members of the network will have access to all website material and have equal chance to attend events.  


 Resources Available to the Public

All public areas of the website including

  • “A Guide to Efficient Trial Management”
  • Useful resources such as trial management publications and guidance
  • Links for Trial Managers


Terms and Conditions

To subscribe as a member of UKTMN you must satisfy five of the 10 core tasks set out on the registration page.

Only a work email will be accepted as a contact email (i.e. not a personal email) on the registration page.

If you change your job and no longer meet the UKTMN membership criteria, your membership will be deemed to be invalid.



Last Reviewed:July 2018